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Soccer is a popular sport in the world, as also in robotics world. There are many soccer robot competitions, from a manual and small robot constructed by student, to a sophisticated and fully autonomous robot created by university student or researcher. This is because the competitions are very interesting to watch, and highlighted many challenges and intricacies. In IRoF2019 Soccer-Bot Division, robots will be constructed with the same microcontroller and motor driver system which are provided by the Committee, to ensure each team has the same basic capability to begin with. Thus the competition will proceed excitingly and equally. The technics of assembling, motors and wheels/tires selection, robot design, and robot controlling will be the elements for winning the competition.


Assemble two soccer bots using your own mechanical parts and control them manually to score a goal.

Skill & Level Allocation

Mechanical Work 70%
Driving Skills 100%
Electronics Work 60%
Programming Work 25%

Overall Difficulty Level


Beginner - Intermediate


Primary School (Grade 1 - Grade 6)

Champion – Trophy + IDR 3.500.000

1st Runner Up – Trophy + IDR 2.500.000

2nd Runner Up  Trophy + IDR 1.500.000

3rd Runner Up – Trophy 

Judges Award – Trophy


Educational Requirements

Grade 1 – Grade 6 (Primary School)

Quota for this Category

30 Teams

Participants Per Team

Maximum 2 Persons

On-Site Robot Building


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