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Indonesia Robo Fest 2019

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About IRoF

IRoF is a robot competition festival which was first conducted to motivate the robotics extracurricular participants who were taught by the Department of Electrical Engineering of Maranatha Christian University. It then developed into a unique, prestigious robot competition and attracted many participants from neighboring countries.

Our Competitions

Soccer Robot

Soccer is a popular sport in the world, as also in robotics world. There are many soccer robot competitions, from a manual and small robot constructed by student, to a sophisticated and fully autonomous robot created by university student or researcher. This is because the competitions are very interesting to watch, and highlighted many challenges and intricacies.

Mighty Sumo Robot

Japan originated martial arts, Sumo Wrestling Competition, is played with robots. Each team has the mission to push its opponent out from the arena. The primacy of IRoF 2019 – Mighty Sumo Robot is the structure of the robot, which is built from popsicle-sticks and acrylic.

Robotics Innovation

Technological innovation is one of the main factors in building a better life and well-being. IRoF2019 the Robot Innovations division challenge participants to create robots with the theme “Going Green with Robotics”. This division will assess creative ideas, technical abilities, and the process of the engineering problem solving from the participants.

Decathlon Robot

Decathlon is an athletic sport that assesses athletes ability to clear 10 types of challenges. In IRoF 2019, Decathlon Robot Division gives challenges to the teams to assemble robots which are capable to go fastest through 10 types of obstacles.

Vex Robotics

VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover: A Primer VEX Robotics Competition Tower Takeover is played on a 12’x12’ square field configured as seen left. Two (2) Alliances – one (1) “red” and one (1) “blue” – composed of two (2) Teams each, compete in Matches consisting of a fifteen (15) second Autonomous Period, followed by a one minute and forty-five second (1:45) Driver Controlled Period.

Total Prize

up to

IDR 50,000,000



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